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So, James had a job as an ice cream man when he was younger IRL and so I took that and made up some crap. It’s completely AU because Kimi and Seb are teenagers and James and Niki are late 20’s. I don’t even know, so much crack and fluff. Also, big big thanks to nadayoghurt who gave it a read when I really wasn’t sure what to make of it and convinced me to post it!

Title: Ice Cream Headache
Pairing: James Hunt/Niki Lauda & Kimi Räikkönen/Sebastian Vettel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,637

“I feel sick.”

James sighed, not bothering to turn back around to look at the young Finn who was sprawled on his back along the truck floor, chewing on a Magnum stick. “Hardly surprising. How many ice creams is that now?”

Kimi grumbled. “Maybe if you were selling more, we wouldn’t have so many left over.”

“Well, maybe if you helped me…this is work experience, isn’t it?”

Another grumble. He wrangled himself into a sitting position, all awkward limbs after his latest growth spurt. He’d been forced to get some “cash handling” experience in the summer, in order to get an actual job and he wasn’t really keen on the idea. To be honest, no-one was really keen on taking him on either, he wasn’t exactly a ray of sunshine. His parents had told him to try something he had an interest in but the only things that sprung to mind were cars and ice cream.

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