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lmao one day seb wakes up next to kimi and he's suddenly pocket sized like idk, as big as kimi's palm? what happens and who do they tell and HOW DOES HE DRIVE HIS CAR LMAO 8D (oh and does seb get his body back and does kimi put him in a glass of vodka lmao)


My first thought was Help!, that movie you know? XD

(lol I wrote fic??)


One day, Seb wakes up pocket-sized. Kimi stares at him under the covers in their bed and pokes him just to see if he’s real, and naked Seb tumbles backwards into his normal-sized clothes. 

"Kimi!" he yelps.

Kimi laughs and waits till Seb untangles himself before pushing him over again. Seb curses him to hell and back.

"What happened to you?" Kimi asks.

"I don’t know, I woke up this way!" Seb straightens with a huff. "What did you do to me!"

His voice sounds normal. Kimi thinks if he’d become smaller, he should’ve sounded squeaky as well.

"Maybe it’s an optical illusion and you’re actually normal-sized," Kimi muses.

"I’m not normal-sized!" Seb says shrilly, looking down at himself with dismay. "Change me back!"

Kimi considers that. “I can take you to breakfast?” He scoops Seb up in his hand and Seb kicks his fingers all the way to the kitchen.


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It happened a couple of times, when Sebastian and I took a taxi and the driver didn’t recognize us. tThey started to talk about Formula 1 and we started to say that we thought that Vettel was a terrible driver. We often got into good arguments with them, when they started to defend Sebastian’s driving style while he said nothing appart from negative things about himself By Tommi Pärmäköski talking about times when he went partying with Seb (via lakeinwinter)